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Support Texas Nonprofits and Texas Students! 


The goal of the Texas Film Foundation is to involve Texas students in a variety of aspects of this fascinating and relevant industry. Students will receive hands on training on the sets of REAL television projects. They will be immersed in pre and post production processes by creating web-sites and documentaries. The content of these endeavors will promote nonprofits which directly benefit the community and school districts of these students.  We will utilize the numerous Texas theater entities to release and promote completed film projects by Texas students. It’s a WIN-WIN opportunity for Texas nonprofits, our Texas students and their schools and communities, and the Texas Film Industry.  We will provide scholarships for students interested in careers in nonprofit management and/or film and theater.

The Texas Film Foundation is collectively the brain child of Buttons Pham, Greg Perrin, and Tim Hoppock. Statistically, the Austin area alone has over 6,500 nonprofits; there are approximately 1.5 million in the United States.  Within this plethora of good intentioned non-profits, many struggle through their anonymity with their missions never being fulfilled. Perhaps their meager budgets cannot include marketing or advertising, or they simply don’t know where to go for help. This is an opportunity to create a beneficial foundation and partnership in Texas communities with non-profits, students, school districts, and the Texas Film Foundation.

Button and Tim bring to the success of this plan years of experience in the film industry and management expertise in owning Vivian Studio in North Austin. Greg Perrin, equally as passionate, has strong community ties through family and career, is a life-long Texan, and has marketing and management experience to his credits as well. More detail on each of us is provided in the “About Us” section of this site. They want to put this passion, knowledge, and experience to work in making The Texas Film Foundation beneficial to all.

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