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We need nonprofits that need help! 

Do you know of a nonprofit struggling to survive even though they have a great mission? We may be able to help! From fundraising to creating media for them, to having high school/college students help produce the project from start to finish, we are here to help. 

Are you an established nonprofit with an advertising budget? 

Why not work with another nonprofit that is also doing great things in the community? We have worked in projects from network TV, superbowl commercials, movies and documentaries. Let us help you promote your nonprofit. We'll put the money right back in our local community where it's needed most. 

We need school theater departments!! 

Are you a theater or photography student? The foundation will be developing relationships with schools to implement the foundations mission in accordance with individual schools’ missions to teach and engage the whole child. We could use help in targeting schools with a specific interest in this opportunity. If you are interested in developing your resume for college, let us know. We will open the doors for you to be able to achieve hours of volunteering and/or experience an internship 

Need a little help with your college film or Indie project? 


Our commitment to eduction doesn't stop after high school. If your project could use a hand, we may be able to offer a grant to help with the project or assist with fundraising. Contact us. We'll be happy to listen! 



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