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     If you're a Texas High School student with a career interest in film or photography, and want to get some hands-on experience before college, hit us up! We'll get you hands-on experience on a current film project or work with your school to have your group create, direct, produce and help with post production on a project assisting another local nonprofit in your area. The Texas Film Foundation wants you and your school to be successful. We will help make a plan, whether for an individual or an entire theatre or photography class. 

     For the Texas Film Foundation to be able to provide invaluable hands-on, creative opportunities for the best and brightest Texas students, we need sponsors.  These hard working students are deserving of scholarships for their amazing effort in helping nonprofits by volunteering their time and talent.  They will be creating much needed media helping to sustain numerous nonprofits without the means to do so otherwise. Please consider sponsoring the Texas Film Foundation enabling us to insure more Texas nonprofits are successful. 


     We are seeking individuals in the film industry to volunteer some of their time to help educate our students about what it is you do every day.  We all know there’s much more than meets the eye in creating a successful film project; the vast majority of which is hard work! If you are willing to mentor a student letting them “tag along” and help out on a shoot, please let us know!  




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