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The Birth of the Texas Film Foundation


        The idea for the Texas Film Foundation was created in 2015 when Buttons, Greg, and I were approached by an individual seeking assistance in creating a documentary to chronicle the hard work and dedication of an AMAZING nonprofit.  As with most non-profits though, the budget did not include monies for expensive film projects.

         The three of us discussed the reality of completing this project.  Unfortunately, in the end, it was too late for us to successfully move forward.  We refused to let this happen to us again! If we were going to fill this gap for future non-profits, we would have to be ready right out of the starting gate.  We understood that a great deal of structure would need to already be in place, including a fundraising aspect. Thus, the foundation and concept of The Texas Film Foundation was born.

         Since its inception, we have collaborated on coming up with creative ways to help the communities in which we live. To reach more potential donors and involve and excite communities, involvement by interested and talented young students will be utilized. Scholarships will be offered to students wishing to pursue a career in the film industry or nonprofit management. We’re not stopping there! Your input and expertise are welcomed.  If you have an idea in which we could better serve the community and utilize our skills and experience, please give us your input.

         Working together, Buttons, Greg, and I believe that the Texas Film Foundation will be exceptionally successful.




Buttons Pham: Ms. Pham has line produced hundreds of television commercials all over the United States and around the world!  She has worked on commercials ranging from local, small markets to national Super Bowl commercials.  Additionally, she owns Vivian Studio, a production services company in Austin, Texas.


Greg Perrin:  Mr. Perrin is a Texas native, born in Hamlin, Texas. He is a proud graduate of the University of Texas. His valuable career experience includes ranching, management in the Texas Beef Council, political aide for Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, and he presently heads up the Dripping Springs Water Supply. Additionally, he has officiated high school football for 15 years. Mr. Perrin has two daughters who have been involved, active students in the Texas school system.  His vast experience, knowledge, and deep Texas roots will benefit the success of The Texas Film Foundation.


Tim Hoppock:  Mr. Hoppock’s roots in Austin date back to the early 1900s when his great-grandfather moved the family to a small house off of 45th Street. He attended the University of Houston before joining the United States Coast Guard and becoming a helicopter air crewman. He has been working in the film industry since 2003. Today, Mr. Hoppock is a SAG-AFTRA actor who has worked on various shorts, television shows, and movies as both an actor and/or a stunt player.  He has also been the areas “go to guy” for police consulting on numerous shows and movies including ABC’s American Crime, In an Instant -The Shootout, and Killer Women TV show. He is also the executive producer at Vivian Studio in Austin.


Texas Film Foundation

8711 Burnet Road, Suite F-63

Austin, Texas, 78757

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